A Remote Resume In Just A Weekend.

Struggle to get callbacks or interviews as a remote job searcher? 

Your resume is to blame. 

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RESUME WRITING... Simplified. 

Two Days. That's it. In just a weekend, learn how to simplify the resume writing process to get more interviews.

Get Past ATS

Robots are reading your resume. Learn how to write your resume so it actually gets seen by recruiters.

Wow Recruiters

Remote companies want to hire employees with a unique set of skills & traits that help them work remotely. Learn what they are and how to seamlessly include them in your resume. 

Get More Interviews

When you have a resume that gets past ATS and wows recruiters, you position yourself as the perfect remote hire. Get more interviews today that lead to your perfect position.

Rave Reviews From Our Beta Users. 

Remote Resume in A Weekend was true to its promise. I learned how to write the perfect resume for remote jobs in just two days. Within a week I got 3 calls back and have an interview scheduled. I'm excited to see where my new resume takes me.

— Kayla R., Remote Job Seeker, Philadelphia, PA

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